About me

Certified Google Ads freelancer

Who am I and why me?

I am an experienced freelancer specializing in the area of Google Ads, with six years of experience in this field. My skills are primarily focused on effectively running Google Ads campaigns, especially in the e-commerce sector and for service providers. My extensive experience has allowed me to explore all aspects of the Google Ads platform and develop strategies that bring real results for my clients. I work with enthusiasm, striving to achieve the highest possible performance and success rates. If you are looking for an expert to help you achieve outstanding results in the field of online advertising, this is where I am, ready to help!

Work methodology

How I work

My method of working as a Google Ads freelancer is based on a meticulous and personalized approach to each campaign. Here's how I work:


I try to develop constantly to keep up to date with news from the world of Google Ads


What do I do?

I don't believe in filling space with empty words.

Instead, I focus on specific results, 

Which will help you increase your revenue. 

As a freelancer specializing in Google Ads campaigns, 

I prefer practical action, 

Instead of just promises.