Account audit

From 499 $

Are you running a campaign yourself, and not sure if you're doing it right? Or would you like to get new ideas to help you further develop your campaign? Perhaps you also have concerns about the accuracy of the agency that is running your campaign? If so, a Google Ads campaign audit is a great solution.

Types of audits:

  • Google Ads campaign audit with one hour of consultation
  • Google Ads campaign audit with implementation of recommended changes

Google Ads campaign audit + one hour of consultation

After the audit, I will provide you with a list of things and improvements needed for your campaign. You will also receive guidance on campaign development and suggestions for potential opportunities. In addition, you are entitled to an hour-long consultation, during which we will discuss the action plan and suggestions in detail.

Google Ads campaign audit + implementation of recommended changes

The assumptions and execution of the audit are exactly the same as for the version with an additional hour of consultation. In this case, however, I will make changes that I will propose after the audit.