From 299 $

There are times when a full training session seems too extensive, and the client only cares about quickly solving individual problems in campaigns. In such situations, perfectly tailored Google Ads consultation sessions, lasting one hour, come into play. I offer flexible adjustment of the duration of the consultation to suit your needs

Types of consultation:

  • One-hour Google Ads consultation
  • Affordable monthly subscription with access to a customized pool of consultation hours

One-hour Google Ads consultation

If you have any problems with your campaign, it's best to schedule a consultation with me. I will answer your questions and we will discuss the solution to your problem.

Google Ads consulting packages

Consulting hours in subscriptions are suitable for people who run their campaigns and need a specialist to "supervise" and develop the campaign month after month.

The cost of 5 hours of consultation is PLN 1500 net

The cost of 10 hours of consultation is 2800 PLN net