Running Google Ads Campaigns

Running Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads campaigns: your path to online success! It is used by as much as 95% of the global population. From text ads, to sales campaigns for stores, to YouTube video ads. Maximize profits by tailoring ads to your specific industry!

Types of Campaigns it supports:

  • Search engine text ads
  • Graphic (GDN) on Google's network
  • Product campaigns for online stores
  • Local ads on Google maps
  • Video ads on YouTube
  • Google Ads campaigns with international reach

For whom will Google Ads work perfectly?

What will you get?

Campaign Optimization: 

Daily campaign optimization will ensure that your campaigns reach the right people and your budget is used effectively.

Precise tracking configuration: I will set up Google Ads conversion tracking, which will allow us to accurately monitor the effectiveness of the campaign.

Personalized strategy: I will create Google Ads strategies tailored to your industry, goals and target audience. Each campaign will be planned to generate results that translate into increased sales and profits.

Campaign monitoring: I regularly monitor the results of campaigns and adapt strategies to changing trends and customer behavior.

Support and consultation: I will be available for interviews and consultations, giving advice and answering any questions related to your campaigns.

Running Google Ads Campaigns


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