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Using my six years of experience in running Google Ads campaigns, I decided to respond to the expectations of those who would like to manage their own campaigns or are planning to start working in this field. My priority is an individual approach and a practical training formula. I am convinced that such a method of delivery brings much better results than group training, in which the instructor does not have the opportunity to focus fully on one participant. In addition, I also offer dedicated training tailored to the needs of companies.

Types of training:

  • Individual training in the area of Google Ads
  • Training for companies on the Google Ads platform

Google Ads in-person training

Offer one-on-one workshop training on Google Ads. With this one-on-one training, I will be able to tailor the level of learning to your current level of knowledge and focus on the topics that will prove most useful when working on your campaign.

Upon completion of the training, you will receive a certificate of completion with your name on it.

Google Ads training for businesses

Do you own your own company and dream of running Google Ads campaigns together with your team? Our dedicated business training offer is the perfect solution. I will guide your employees through the process of using the Google Ads panel, allowing them to configure the campaign on their own, as well as provide practical tips that will be helpful in further running the campaign. Preparation is necessary before any planned training, so I will need information from you about the industry you operate in and data that will allow me to tailor the training to the specifics of your sector.

Upon completion of the training, each participant will receive a personalized certificate confirming completion of the course.